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Credits: Writer. Producer. Director.

'Captain Freckles and Applesauce':  Is a dark comedic series about 2 aging rock stars that are on the backend of their careers but love the sex, drugs and rock 'n roll lifestyle. 

They must deal with their inner demons and addictions, all while trying to stay relevant in an industry that is changing faster than they can keep up.

But there is more to the band than meets the eye. 

Captain Freckles and Applesauce: Welcome


Craig Nigh -  Jon / Captain Freckles

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Holt Boggs - Allen / Applesauce

Screenshot (43).png

Megan Franich - Rachel

Screenshot (45).png

Francisco Moreno - Francis / Amazing Sparkle

Screenshot (47).png

Brian Villalobos - Phil

Screenshot (49).png
Captain Freckles and Applesauce: Services


Featured Showcase

Captain Freckles and Applesauce: Portfolio
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